All of the terms and phrases used in this chapter shall be given the same use and meaning as defined by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, 37A Oklahoma Statutes section 1-101 et seq. Titles 37 and 37A of the Oklahoma Statutes, as amended, are hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference, but only to the extent such sections provide for criminal misdemeanor offenses, and are enforceable by the Town within the Town limits as if set out at length herein. Unless otherwise specifically provided otherwise in this Code, all violations of such sections shall be punishable by a maximum fine of one hundred seventy dollars ($170.00), plus court costs, fees and State assessments; provided however, if the penalty including costs for the State offense is less than the amount as provided hereinabove, then the fine and costs shall not exceed the amount charged by statute for the same offense. (Ord. 2018-2, 9-13-2018, eff. 10-1-2018)