A.   Before using any town utility service, the customer shall make application with the town and execute a contract(s) as may be required agreeing to the terms and conditions of utility services as established by this code and applicable law.
   B.   The operation of the town's utility services, including, but not limited to, water, sewer and refuse collection and disposal, are all declared to be public utilities and proper sources of revenue for the operation and maintenance of the systems and for other purposes. (1998 Code)
   C.   All fees and charges in connection with any customer's use of the town's sanitary sewer system, the town's water facility system or the operation for the town's collection and disposal of refuse and garbage are billed in accordance with applicable rates set by the board of trustees. All fees and charges owing for any of these utility services shall be billed on one monthly bill submitted to the customer each month. The utility bills submitted under the terms of this section shall be payable on or before the third day of the month following the submission of the bill to the customer. (Ord. 2010-2, 1-14-2010)