(a)   Expiration Date. A permit shall expire on December 31 in the calendar year after its issuance, but not more than twenty-four months from the effective date of the permit, with the following exceptions:
      (1)   Inspection violations. A permit will expire no more than twelve months from the effective date of the permit if, at the last inspection, the property was cited for violations of the building and/or Property Maintenance Code.
      (2)   In accordance with conditions. The permit expires in accordance with the conditions placed on the permit under this chapter.
   (b)   Effect of permit expiration. Upon expiration of a permit:
      (1)   Vacate. The structure is subject to being ordered vacated in accordance with this chapter until a valid permit is issued.
      (2)   Meet conditions before new application. If the permit expired for failure to comply with conditions placed on it, application for a new or renewal permit may be made only after the conditions have been met.
(Ord. 04-2020. Passed 10-6-20.)