(a)   “Accommodation” means the room, unit, or space provided to transient guests for lodging or sleeping, including furnishings and other accessories therein. Accommodations does not mean food or beverages.
    (b)   “Administrator” means the City's Community Services Director or the designee of the Director.
    (c)   “All Trades Inspections” means an inspection of all currently adopted building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing state codes.
    (d)   “Board of Appeals” means the Board of Appeals as provided in Battle Creek Code of Ordinances Chapter 1464 .
   (e)   “Calls-for-service” means the total number of calls to Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority, law enforcement, and/or the fire department resulting in a request for a police and/or fire department representative to be dispatched or directed to the property when those responses:
      (1)   Result in a representative being dispatched or directed to the property;
      (2)   Allege evidence of criminal activity;
      (3)   Result in an arrest, charge or citation; or
      (4)   Find an imminent threat to safety of persons or property.
      Calls-for service shall also include police department generated enforcement action that results in the issuance of a citation or arrest, except where the arrest is for domestic violence alone. Calls-for-service shall not include calls to law enforcement made by employees or agents of the hotel property itself, nor for traffic citations alone in which the hotel, motel, or tourist home is used as the address for the citation. It shall also not include calls for service to law enforcement specific to domestic violence.
   (f)   “Calls-for-service-ratio” means the number of calls for service divided by the number of rooms.
   (g)   “Cause” shall include the doing or omitting of any act or permitting any condition to exist on the premises where a permit has been issued, which act, omission or condition is contrary to the health, safety and welfare of the public, is unlawful, irregular or fraudulent in nature, is unauthorized or beyond the scope of the permit issued or is forbidden by this chapter or any applicable law.
    (h)   “Guest” means any person that occupies an accommodation.
   (i)   “Hotel”, “Motel”, and/or “Tourist Home” means a building or group of buildings containing dwelling units (a bed and a bathroom) or rooms, which provides accommodations for transient persons. Every building or structure kept, used, or maintained, as or advertised or held out to the public to be an inn, hotel, family hotel, apartment hotel, lodging house, dormitory or place where sleeping or rooming accommodations are furnished for rent, whether with or without meals, shall be included in the definitions of hotel, motel and tourist homes.
    (j)   “Kitchenette” means a portion of a room used or intended to be used for the preparation of food or for both the preparation and consumption of food while the remainder of the room is used or may be intended partially for purposes other than cooking. A kitchenette shall have a sink, cooktop, cabinets or storage shelves and a counter or table, and refrigerator all of which shall be in good repair.
   (k)   “Nuisance” shall include but not be limited to the following:
      (1)   Existing violations of building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, zoning, health, fire or other applicable regulatory codes;
      (2)   Existing factors constituting a nuisance under the Revised Judicature Code, specifically MCL 600.3801(1);
      (3)   A pattern or practice of guest conduct which is in violation of the law or interferes with the health, safety and welfare of the guests and/or persons on or near the premises; or
      (4)   Failure to maintain the grounds and exterior of the premises, including allowing litter, debris, or refuse to exist on the premises outside of proper repositories or to blow onto or be deposited upon adjoining properties.
   (l)   “Permittee” means a person, corporation, partnership or other entity which was granted a permit under this chapter.
   (m)   “Resident agent” means a person who resides within Michigan and who is designated by the owner to be contacted by City staff for purposes of addressing ordinance violations, compliance problems or any other issues reasonably related to the provisions of this chapter and who is granted the authority by the owner or permittee to take action on his, her or its behalf to ensure compliance with this chapter and to accept service on behalf of the owner.
    (n)   “Transient” means a person lodging in and/or providing compensation for the use of any hotel, motel or tourist home facilities.
(Ord. 04-2020. Passed 10-6-20.)