818.02   PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to encourage operational reliability of hotels, motels, and tourist homes by regulation, inspection, and permitting of hotels, motels, and tourist homes to:
   (a)   Protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons affected by or subject to the provisions of this chapter.
   (b)   Ensure that owners, legal agents, and employees are informed of and adhere to all applicable code provisions governing the use and maintenance of hotel, motel, and tourist home accommodations.
   (c)   Establish standards for inspecting and permitting of hotels, motels and tourist homes.
   (d)   Regulate the operation of hotels, motels and tourist homes which are engaged in the business of providing rooms or residential properties for lodging or sleeping purposes to transient guests and to provide an orderly and nondiscriminatory procedure for the review and approval of accommodations.
(Ord. 04-2020. Passed 10-6-20.)