(a)   Application. The application for a permit to conduct a special event shall be made to the City Clerk, in writing, by the person or persons in charge of or responsible therefor. Such application shall set forth the following information.
      (1)   The name, address, telephone number and email address of the person requesting the permit.
      (2)   The name and address of the organization or group sponsoring the special event. A copy of the organization's Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, Charter, or other organizing documents shall be attached to the application.
      (3)   The name, address, telephone number and email address of the person who will act as Chairman of the special event and be responsible for the conduct thereof.
      (4)   The purpose of the event and the estimated number of persons to attend.
      (5)   The date the event is to be conducted and the hours it will commence and terminate each day.
      (6)   Whether the applicant seeks to sell and/or provide alcoholic liquor as defined in the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998, being M.C.L.A. Sections 436.1101 et seq..
      (7)   The specific assembly and disbursal locations and the specific route plans to be used, if applicable.
      (8)   Proposed location, including a plat or map of the proposed area to be used, including any barricade, street route plans or perimeter/security fencing.
      (9)   Such other information as the City may deem reasonably necessary.
      (10)   A certification that the statements in the application are true, accurate and complete.
   (b)   Time of Application. No approval shall be issued for a special event unless application is made not less than thirty days in advance of the date on which such special event is sought to be held. In special instances, applications may be accepted with less notice, but at the discretion of the City Clerk.
   (c)   Considerations for Issuance or Denial. Upon receipt of a permit application, the City Clerk shall refer such application to the various city departments to make an investigation of and report with recommendations concerning all phases of the proposed event. If the City Clerk finds that the special event is to be held for any lawful purpose and will not in any manner act so as to breach the public peace or unnecessarily interfere with the public use of the streets, sidewalks, parks and public areas, the City Clerk shall grant the approval or approval with conditions. Denial of approval shall be in writing, setting the reasons for such denial. In approving any such activity, the City Clerk shall give consideration to:
      (1)   The public interest and welfare;
      (2)   Possible interference with legitimate uses of land and buildings;
      (3)   Possible excessive noise;
      (4)   Unusual litter;
      (5)   Damage to city property;
      (6)   Financial responsibility;
      (7)   Consumer protection;
      (8)   With regard to a request to sell and/or serve alcoholic beverages, whether it would be inappropriate or inadvisable to permit the consumption of alcohol as requested because of concurrent events, past problems under similar circumstances, or under such circumstances which, in the judgment of the City officer and/or employee who is considering the request, present an articulable or imminent threat to the public health, safety or welfare;
      (9)   Environmental concerns; and
      (10)   All other pertinent factors.
(Ord. 04-2014.  Passed 7-1-14; Ord. 02-2015.  Passed 4-14-15.)