(a)   (1)   The City Clerk shall have the right to revoke any permit issued hereunder for a violation of this article. Any of the grounds upon which the City Clerk may refuse to issue an initial permit shall also constitute grounds for such revocation. In addition, the failure of the Permitee to comply with the provisions of this article or other provisions of this code or other law shall also constitute grounds for revocation of the permit. The City Clerk shall provide a written notification to the Permitee and property owner stating the specific grounds for a revocation and a demand for correction and abatement. The notice shall allow a maximum of ten days from mailing of the notice to correct or abate the violation. Upon failure to make the correction or abatement, the permit shall be revoked by the Clerk and, thereafter, the Permitee shall not be eligible for a permit on the property for the subsequent calendar year.
      (2)   Upon revocation, the drop box shall be removed from the real property within ten days and, if not so removed within the time period, the City may remove, store or dispose of the drop box at the expense of the Permitee and/or real property owner. All costs associated with the removal of the drop box incurred by the City, or the City’s contractor shall be the responsibility of the property owner. If such obligation is not paid within thirty days after mailing of a billing of costs to the property owner, the City may place a lien upon such real property enforceable as a tax lien in the manner prescribed by the general laws of this state against the property and collected as in the case of general property tax. If the same is not paid prior to the preparation of the next assessment roll of the City, the amount shall be assessed as a special tax against such premises on the next assessment roll and collected thereunder.
   (b)   A permit for a drop box may be revoked if any governmental authority or agency determines that the drop box has violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act and/or the Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act.
(Ord. 9-2013.  Passed 9-17-13.)