(a)   The permit year shall begin on May 1 in each year and shall terminate on April 30 of the next calendar year. An annual permit issued between April 1 and April 30 of any year shall expire on April 30 of the calendar year next following issuance thereof.
   (b)   A drop box permit shall be renewed annually. The application for renewal must be filed not later than thirty days before the permit expires. The application for renewal shall be upon a form provided by the City Clerk.
   (c)   The City Clerk shall either approve or deny the renewal of a permit within ten days of receipt of the complete renewal application and payment of the renewal fee. Failure of the City Clerk to act before expiration of the permit shall constitute approval of the renewal of the permit.
   (d)   A permit renewal fee set as provided for in Section 802.23 of these Codified Ordinances shall be submitted with the application for renewal.
   (e)   Prior to expiration of the permit, the Permitee may voluntarily cancel the permit by notifying the City Clerk in writing of the intent to cancel the permit. The permit shall become void upon the City Clerk’s receipt of a written notice to intent to cancel the permit.
   (f)   The City Clerk shall approve the renewal of a permit if the Clerk finds that no circumstances existed during the term of the permit which would cause a violation to exist, and that at the time of submission of the application for renewal, or at any time during the renewal of the application for renewal, there were not circumstances inconsistent with any finding required for approval of a new permit. Any Permitee whose permit has been revoked shall be denied renewal of the permit for the subsequent calendar year.
   (g)   If the permit expires and is not renewed, the drop box(es) must be removed from the real property within a maximum of ten days after expiration of the permit.
(Ord. 9-2013.  Passed 9-17-13.)