A Permitee shall operate and maintain, or cause to be operated and maintained, all drop boxes located in the City for which the Permitee has been granted a permit as follows:
   (a)   Drop boxes shall be metal and be maintained in good condition and appearance with no structural damage, holes or visible rust and shall be free of graffiti.
   (b)   Drop boxes shall be locked or otherwise secured in such a manner that the contents cannot be accessed by anyone other than those responsible for the retrieval of the contents.
   (c)   Drop boxes shall have, at minimum, 1/2 inch type visible from the front of each drop box the name, address, email, website and phone number of the operator, as well as whether the drop box is owned and operated by a for profit company or a not for profit company. The drop box shall not have information, advertising or logos other than those relating to the Operator.
   (d)   Drop boxes shall be serviced and emptied as needed, but at least every thirty days.
   (e)   The Permitee and property owner shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, the area surrounding the drop boxes, free from any junk, debris or other material. The Permitee and/or property owner shall be responsible to the extent provided by law for the City’s cost to abate any nuisance, in accordance with Chapter 652, Nuisance, of the City Code.
   (f)   Drop boxes shall:
      (1)   Not be permitted on any land used or zoned for residential purposes.
      (2)   Not be permitted on any unimproved parcel, nor where the principal use of the land has been closed or unoccupied for more than thirty days.
      (3)   Not be less than one thousand feet from another drop box as measured along a straight line from one box to the other. Notwithstanding this separation requirement, up to two drop boxes on a single lot of record are permitted if the two drop boxes are side by side and are no more than one foot apart.
      (4)   Not exceed seven feet in height, six feet in width and six feet in depth.
      (5)   Not cause a visual obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
      (6)   Not be placed closer than ten feet from:
         A.   A public or private sidewalk except that this provision does not apply to a private sidewalk as long as the private sidewalk maintains a five foot clearance;
         B.   A public right-of-way;
         C.   A driveway; or
         D.   A side or rear property line when adjacent to property used for residential purposes;
      (7)   Not cause safety hazards with regard to a designated fire lane or building exit.
      (8)   Not:
         A.   Interfere with an access drive, off-street parking lot maneuvering lane and/or required off-street parking space to an extent which would cause safety hazards and/or unnecessary inconvenience to vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
         B.   Encroach upon an access drive, off-street parking lot maneuvering lane and/or required off-street parking space; and
         C.   Be placed on a level, hard (asphalt or concrete) paved, dust-free surface. Drop boxes may be located in a dedicated parking space only if the total number of parking spaces exceeds minimum parking requirements and it complies with this section.
(Ord. 9-2013.  Passed 9-17-13.)