(a)   Any person desiring to secure a permit shall make an application to the City Clerk.
   (b)   A permit shall be obtained for each drop box(es) proposed.
   (c)   (1)   The application for a permit shall be upon a form provided by the City Clerk and be signed by the applicant if a person, and if an entity, be signed by an individual who is an officer, director, member or manager of the entity with the authority to do so. The applicant shall furnish the following information:
         A.   Name, address and email of an individual applicant, and if an entity, name, address, and email of the entity and its registered agent, also all partners or limited partners of a partnership applicant and all members of an LLC applicant.
         B.   Date of birth of an individual applicant and, if an entity, date of establishment of the entity and state in which it was created.
         C.   Whether the applicant has previously received a permit for a drop box in the city or operates a drop box or similar type receptacle without a permit in the city.
         D.   The name, address, email and telephone number of a contact person for all matters relating to a drop box located in the city.
      (2)   The physical address of the real property where the drop box is proposed to be located.
      (3)   A scaled drawing sufficient to illustrate the proposed location of the drop box on the real property, the dimensions of the proposed drop box and that the location complies with the requirements of this Chapter.
      (4)   If not the owner of the real property, an affidavit from the property owner providing written permission to place the drop box(es) on the property, as well as an acknowledgment from the property owner of receipt of a copy of this ordinance shall be provided on a form provided by the City Clerk. For purposes of this subsection, the affidavit and acknowledgment may be executed by an individual who is an officer, director, member or manager of an entity owning the property.
      (5)   A nonrefundable fee in an amount established as provided for in Section 802.23 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (d)   Within ten days of receiving an application for a permit, the City Clerk shall notify the applicant whether the permit is granted or denied. If the City Clerk denies an application, the City Clerk shall state in writing the specific reasons for denial.
   (e)   No person to whom a permit has been issued shall transfer, assign or convey such permit to another person or legal entity.
   (f)   A person shall be issued a permit by the City Clerk if the requirements of this Chapter are satisfied. The permit shall be prominently displayed on the drop box.
(Ord. 9-2013.  Passed 9-17-13.)