(a)   Intent. The Drop Boxes Ordinance is intended to be a regulatory ordinance in the public’s health, safety and welfare for the protection of all citizens who use drop boxes or are in proximity to drop boxes. The intent of this Drop Boxes Ordinance is to impose restrictions and conditions on all drop boxes in the City so that they are, and remain, clean, safe and do not create hazards to pedestrians and to vehicular traffic. The ordinance is passed under the City’s regulatory authority pursuant to M.C.L.A. Sec. 117.4, et seq., and the City of Battle Creek Charter.
   (b)   Definitions.
      (1)   “Drop box” means any metal container, receptacle, or similar device that is located on any parcel or lot of record within the City and that is used for soliciting and collecting clothing, household items, or other salvageable personal property for redistribution. This term does not include:
         A.   Recycle bins for the collection of recyclable material as long as material is not intended to be redistributed in its current form;
         B.   Any rubbish or garbage receptacle;
         C.   Any collection box located within an enclosed building; or
         D.   Any collection box located on the same parcel as the primary business.
      (2)   “Operator” means a person who owns, operates or otherwise is in control of drop boxes to solicit drops of salvageable personal property.
      (3)   “Permittee” means a person over 18 years of age or an entity who is issued a permit authorizing placement of drop box(es) on real property.
      (4)   “Property owner” means the person who is an owner of real property where the drop box(es) are located.
      (5)   “Real property, Property or Land” means a lot of record located in the City of Battle Creek.
(Ord. 9-2013.  Passed 9-17-13.)