(a)   Types of rental permits. There will be two types of rental permits.
      (1)   Regular rental permit. A regular rental permit is issued when there is compliance with all requirements of the Property Maintenance Code.
      (2)   Conditional rental permit. A conditional rental permit may be issued to an applicant as provided above in Section 842.08 (g) or when there are one or more violations of the Property Maintenance Code or other City ordinance that can be corrected, none of which pose a hazard to the health or safety of a tenant or the public, and none of which otherwise fall within the reasons to deny a rental permit as set forth in Section 842.10 (e)(3). A conditional rental permit will contain one or more of the following conditions based upon the information contained in the rental permit application process documentation:
         A.   That corrective work be completed by a certain date or the permit expires on that date.
         B.   That neither the permittee, the permittee's legal agent, a tenant, occupant, or other person violate a City ordinance which results in entry by the District Court of a civil infraction order which finds responsibility on the part of the permittee or the permittee's legal agent for a violation of the City's Property Maintenance Code or junk vehicle ordinance, regarding the property which is the subject of the rental permit or the permit expires on the date the order is entered.
   (b)   Terms to which all rental permits are subject. All rental permits are granted subject to the following:
      (1)   Rental permits are transferable with approval of the City. The permit holder must submit a letter requesting a transfer along with the proposed transferee's complete rental permit application. The proposed transferee is subject to the same requirements and is reviewed under the same standards as any other person applying for a rental permit except as follows:
         A.   Unless there is reasonable cause to believe that there is an outstanding Property Maintenance Code violation at the time of the requested transfer, an inspection is not required;
         B.   If the rental permit transfer is approved, the new permit holder will have the same expiration date as the original permit holder.
      (2)   The owner and/or legal agent, if any, shall notify the City Clerk, in writing, of any change in ownership, name of ownership entity, mailing address, both regular and electronic, or telephone number of the owner and/or ownership entity, within ten business days of the date of the change.
      (3)   The owner shall notify the City Clerk, in writing, of any change in their designated legal agent, including the name, date of birth (or in the case of a corporation, the corporate ID number), mailing address, both regular and electronic, and telephone number within ten business days of the date of the change.
   (c)   Contents of permit. The permit, when issued, shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The address of the rental dwelling or rental unit for which the permit is issued;
      (2)   The type of permit issued;
      (3)   Any conditions on the permit; and
      (4)   The expiration date of the permit.
(Ord. 03-2011. Passed 4-19-11; Ord. 12-17. Passed 12-5-17.)