Inspections will be made to obtain and maintain compliance with the standards of the PMC is based upon one or more of the following:
   (a)   A complaint received by the City indicating that there is a violation of the standards of this Housing Code;
   (b)   An observation by the City of a violation of the standards of the PMC;
   (c)   A report or observation of a dwelling that is unoccupied and unsecured or a dwelling that is fire damaged;
   (d)   In accordance with Chapter 842 with regard to rental dwellings or rental units;
   (e)   The need to determine compliance with an order or notice issued by the City;
   (f)   Designation by the City Commission of an area where all dwellings are to be inspected uniformly or intensively or for specific violations;
   (g)   An emergency observed or reasonably believed to exist;
   (h)   A request for an inspection by a responsible party; or
   (i)   Requirements of law where a dwelling is to be demolished by the City or where ownership is to be transferred to the City.
(Ord. 19-85. Passed 8-20-85; Ord. 15-07. Passed 10-16-07; Ord. 05-2011. Passed 4-19-11; Ord. 08-2016. Passed 6-21-16.)