In order to classify, regulate and restrict the location of trades, industries and buildings designed for specified uses, to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings hereafter erected or structurally altered, to regulate and limit the intensity of the use of lot areas, and to regulate and determine the areas of yards, courts and other open spaces within and surrounding such buildings, the City is hereby divided into districts, as follows:
   G Green District
   AG Agricultural District
   R-1R Single Family Residential District
   R-1A Single-Family Residential District
   R-1B Single-Family Residential District
   R-2 Two Family Residential District
   R-3 Multiple Family Residential District
   MFR High Density Multiple Family Residential District
   B-1 Corridor Commercial District
   B-2 Regional Commercial District
   T-3 Neighborhood Commercial District
   T-4 Downtown Commercial
   T-5 Core Downtown Commercial District
   I-1 Light Industrial District
   I-2 Heavy Industrial District
   S Spark District
(Ord. 10-2020.Passed 11-24-20.)