(a)   The openings of each vehicle shall be closed and doors or covers shall be secured by an adequate latch or restraining mechanism to keep them closed while transporting refuse. The driver and licensee shall see that the available cover is in the proper position. A special covering shall be used where conditions require control of odor, vermin, liquids, dust or smoke.
   (b)   It shall be the duty of contractors to transfer the contents of all containers for which they have contracted with a customer into vehicles licensed under this chapter, using care to avoid spilling any garbage, rubbish or waste. It shall be the duty of the operator or his or her designated agent to clean up all garbage or rubbish spilled during collection and completely empty the containers and replace the lids thereon.
   (c)   Each vehicle shall be loaded in a manner to minimize the spilling of materials.
   (d)   Where spillage does occur from a refuse transporting unit, the material shall be picked up by the operator or a designated agent as soon as possible and the area suitably cleaned.
   (e)   Each vehicle, when transporting refuse, shall be emptied only in approved disposal areas.
   (f)   No vehicle shall be parked in a residential area longer than necessary to collect refuse unless it is parked not less than 500 feet from adjacent residences. The 500-foot requirement does not apply to vehicles parked at one's own residence if a nuisance is not created. Vehicles shall not be parked, stored or established at any location so as to cause a hazard to health or at any residentially zoned location so as to cause a nuisance.
   (g)   All licensees shall provide a telephone to receive complaints through at least normal daytime business hours and provide someone to answer and dispose of such complaints within twenty-four hours.
   (h)   Licensees collecting in early morning hours shall use every precaution to prevent unnecessary noise.
   (i)   The licensee shall not damage cans which are owned by customers or other property while making collections and shall return cans to their location or designated place.
   (j)   Licensees servicing residential customers shall provide each customer a minimum of one pick-up per week in accordance with a pick-up schedule approved by the City Commission.
   (k)   No refuse shall be collected from residential premises in the City except between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
(Ord. 25-84. Passed 11-6-84.)
   (l)   A person who violates this section is responsible for a Class E Municipal civil infraction and shall be subject to the civil fines provided in Section 202.98.
(Ord. 11-95.  Passed 5-16-95.)