(a)   Vehicles used in the transportation of refuse shall be kept clean and in good repair. The hauling body shall be watertight and completely enclosed on all sides. Vehicles shall be maintained and operated so that no portion of their contents is spilled or allowed to remain on any public highway. All vehicles shall be cleaned at intervals frequent enough to maintain the unit in a sanitary condition and as free from disagreeable odor as possible to prevent nuisance or vermin attraction. A vehicle that fails to meet the requirements of this chapter shall be removed from service until it complies or its use shall be discontinued.
(Ord. 25-84. Passed 11-6-84.) 
   (b)   A person who violates this section is responsible for a Class E Municipal civil infraction and shall be subject to the civil fines provided in Section 202.98.
(Ord. 11-95.  Passed 5-16-95.)