In addition to all other remedies provided for in this chapter or by any other local ordinance, state statute, or federal law, the following shall apply when there is no rental permit as required:
   (a)   Order to vacate. Failure to have a current, valid, rental permit subjects the rental dwelling to being ordered vacated as provided in Section 842.12, until a valid rental permit is issued.
   (b)   Failure to vacate. In addition to any other remedy available to the City under law, including City ordinances, an owner, tenant, or other occupant who fails to vacate a dwelling after having been given notice of an order to vacate under this chapter is subject to the penalties set forth at Section 842.99.
   (c)   Abatement of rent. Where there is no current, valid, rental permit for a dwelling, no rent shall be accepted, retained or recoverable by the owner or lessor of the premises for the period.
(Ord. 03-2011. Passed 4-19-11.)