For purposes of this chapter, words and phrases shall be construed first of all in accordance with the definitions in this section.
   (a)   "All trades inspection" means an inspection by one or more inspectors licensed or certified by the federal, state, county, or local government, or agency thereof, or a private organization recognized to license or certify by such governmental unit or trade organization, with regards to electrical, plumbing, mechanical, building, fire, zoning, and environmental issues including but not limited to lead, asbestos, radon and underground storage tanks.
   (b)   "Business day" means those days upon which the City Hall is open for business. It does not include any Saturday, Sunday, or holidays observed by the City.
   (c)   "Dwelling" means any structure, yard or part thereof used for residential purposes, whether occupied or not.
   (d)   "Dwelling, multiple" means a building or group of buildings on one lot or contiguous lots under common ownership, which has accommodations for and can be legally occupied by three or more families.
   (e)   "Dwelling, single-family" means a building, mobile home, or pre-manufactured or precut dwelling structure designed and used for the complete living accommodations of a single family.
   (f)   "Dwelling, two-family" means a building which has accommodations for and can be legally occupied by not more than two families living independently of each other.
   (g)   "Family" is an individual or group of individuals occupying the same dwelling unit as a single domestic unit in any residential zoning district. A single domestic unit shall consist of not more persons than one of the following:
      (1)   One or more persons related by blood, marriage, adoption or guardianship living as a single domestic unit.
      (2)   Four or less persons plus their offspring living as a single domestic unit.
      (3)   Six or less related persons living as a single domestic unit.
   (h)   "Legal agent" includes an attorney in fact under a valid power of attorney, the resident agent, individual partner, or managing member of any business entity, and the local agent, if the owner does not reside in Calhoun County.
   (i)   "Offspring" means descendants, including natural, adopted, or foster children, and legal wards.
   (j)   "Owner" is a person who has current legal or equitable title by deed, land contract, life estate or other like interest. It does not include a person with a possessory interest pursuant to a lease with option to purchase, lease to purchase, or any like possessory interest.
   (k)   "Single domestic unit" means a collective number of individuals living together in one dwelling unit whose relationship is of a regular and permanent nature and having a distinct domestic character or a demonstrable and recognizable bond where each party is responsible for the basic material needs of the other and all are living and cooking as a single domestic unit. A single domestic unit does not include any society, club, fraternity, sorority, association, lodge, organization or group of students or other individuals where the common living arrangement or basis for the establishment of the domestic unit is temporary.
(Ord. 03-2011. Passed 4-19-11.)