At least five full days before commencing any sale by auction, except as noted in Section 806.04(g), the owner of the property sought to be sold shall file a sworn application with the City Clerk which shall state the following:
   (a)   Whether or not the auction sought to be conducted is a closing-out auction;
   (b)   If it is a closing-out auction, that the application is made in good faith for the purpose of retiring from business and that all provisions of these Codified Ordinances governing closing-out sales have been complied with;
   (c)   That the stock of goods, or other property, sought to be sold, is a bona fide part of the applicant's stock or has been on the tax rolls of the City for one year;
   (d)   A complete description of the property sought to be sold, in duplicate, including, if it is personal property, a completely itemized inventory with identifying numbers or other means of readily determining the identity of each article;
   (e)   The place where the auction is to be conducted;
   (f)   The name of the auctioneer who is to conduct the sale;
   (g)   The name of the owner of the property for the preceding year;
   (h)   The length of time the applicant has been in business in the City and the location of such business;
   (i)   That all taxes on such property have been paid;
   (j)   That no property other than that listed shall be sold or offered for sale on the premises where the auction is being conducted during the course of such auction sale; and
   (k)   That all of the property listed is actually on the premises where the auction is to be conducted.
   No auctioneer shall conduct an auction at any place other than that stated in the application, nor shall the auctioneer or the owner do, either themselves or through their agents or servants, any act or thing contrary to the statements made in the application. No person shall make a false statement in any such application.
(1975 Code Sec. 7.47)