The following acts, omissions and practices in connection with the sale of goods, wares and merchandise at auctions are hereby prohibited:
   (a)   The use of deceit, fraud or misrepresentation in the sale or offering for sale of any article;
   (b)   The substitution of any article in place of an article bid upon at auction;
   (c)   The use of false bidders, cappers or puffers;
   (d)   The use of bells, buzzers, bally-hoo or any variety of mechanical or excessive vocal sound to attract attention in connection with sales at auction;
   (e)   The use of any false or misleading advertising matter, whether relating to the kind or quality of the goods or to their history, present status or otherwise;
   (f)   The substitution of an unlicensed person in place of a licensed auctioneer;
   (g)   The failure to exhibit an auctioneer's license to any police officer upon demand at the place where an auction is being conducted; and
   (h)   The receipt for sale by auction, or the sale by auction by any licensed auctioneer, of any goods, wares or merchandise from any minor, knowing him or her to be such.
(1975 Code Sec. 7.45)