As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Amusement device" means a machine or device operated by means of insertion of a coin, token or similar object and which is operated or may be operated to test skill, dexterity or strength. "Amusement device" does not include a device which provides, or which can be made to provide, for an automatic payoff by the return of slugs, money, coins, checks, tokens or merchandise, or by any other manner or means.
   (b)   "Distributor" means a person who furnishes amusement devices in or for places of business, buildings or other premises in the City open to the public, and who receives or is entitled to receive a share in the profits or income derived from such devices or who receives any consideration for furnishing such devices, except for bona fide sales.
   (c)   "Exclusive owner" means an owner who actually owns and has title to all licensed amusement devices located, used or operated on his or her premises and who is entitled to and/or does receive exclusively all the profits and income derived from such devices.
   (d)   "Furnish" means and includes all acts in connection with the installation, operation, servicing, maintenance and removal of an amusement device located in the City and placed for use by the public. Such acts shall be deemed to continue from the time of original installation on a premises until the time of final removal.
   (e)   "Owner" means a person who owns, operates or leases, or is in control of, any place or establishment located in the City in which an amusement device is placed for use by the public.
   (f)   "Person" means an individual, firm, partnership, association or corporation.
(Ord. 12-82. Passed 5-25-82.)