(a)   After receipt of an application for an ambulance license, renewal or transfer, the City Manager or his or her designated representative may cause an investigation to be made of the applicant and the proposed ambulance operation.
   (b)   The ambulance operation, ambulances, other vehicles, equipment, the premises designated in the application, and all records relating to maintenance and operation of the ambulance service, including financial records, but not the medical records of patients unless proper authorization has been obtained, shall be open to inspection by the City Manager or his or her designated representative during the usual hours of business.
   (c)   At the time of license renewal, an ambulance operation shall provide to the City Clerk copies of all complaints of whatever nature filed with or against the ambulance operation in the past eighteen months, along with an explanation of the resolution of the complaint, or whether the complaint is still pending with any administrative agency or court.
   (d)   The ambulance operation shall provide copies to the City Clerk of any disciplinary proceedings before the Department concerning the ambulance operation, as well as any resolution or sanctions imposed against the operation by the Department.
(Ord. 14-90.  Passed 6-5-90; Ord. 06-2010. Passed 6-15-10.)