804.01  PURPOSE.
   The transportation of sick or injured persons by public or private ambulances is a matter closely affecting the public health, safety and welfare.  It is recognized that only by requiring all  ambulance operations to meet the same standards of care can the practice of ambulance companies operating without full advanced mobile emergency care service, concentrating on answering nonemergency calls or cutting back on equipment and training to the economic detriment of companies with full emergency capacity and to the general detriment of persons in need of emergency care, be prevented.  The State permits municipalities to regulate ambulance and  life support emergency care service.  Therefore, it is the intention of this chapter to require ambulances and the mobile emergency care providers operating within the City, unless otherwise exempted, to provide advanced mobile emergency care service as a prerequisite to licensure. 
(Ord. 14-90.  Passed 6-5-90; Ord. 06-2010. Passed 6-15-10.)