Youth Offenses
694.01   Definitions.
694.02   Child curfew.
694.03   Parental responsibility re curfew.
694.04   Children in amusement places.
694.05   Citation to juvenile court for curfew violations.
694.06   Purchase or possession of alcoholic liquor by minors; misrepresentations; exceptions; violations.
694.07   Preliminary breath tests. (Repealed)
694.08   Sale of tobacco products to youths; defenses.
694.09   Use, possession and purchase of tobacco products by youths; defenses.
694.99   Penalty.
   Malicious destruction of property by minors - see M.C.L.A. Sec. 600.2913
   Traffic violations by minors - see TRAF. 410.04(U.T.C. 2.10a)
   Sales of alcoholic beverages to minors - see GEN. OFF. 604.05
   Purchases by pawnbrokers from minors - see B.R. & T. 836.03