No licensee shall permit on licensed premises:
   (a)   Spirits to be consumed if such licensee is licensed to sell only beer or wine or both;
   (b)   Any disorderly conduct or action which disturbs the peace and good order of the neighborhood;
   (c)   Any resorting of thieves, prostitutes or other disorderly persons;
   (d)   Any gambling or the placing or using of any gambling apparatus or paraphernalia therein;
   (e)   Any lewd, obscene or immoral exhibition, entertainment or other conduct likely to corrupt the public morals;
   (f)   Any employee to visit, fraternize or drink alcoholic liquor with any of the patrons;
   (g)   The obstruction of the public view by the use of drawn shades, blinds or screens, either permanent or movable; and
   (h)   The use of so-called "dim-lights."  Licensees shall make use of bright lights at all times during the hours when lights may be necessary.
(1975 Code Sec. 9.154)