(a)   By Traffic Engineer.  Modification of the truck route system shall only be made by the Traffic Engineer subject to the provisions of this section and the Motor Vehicle Code, as adopted in Chapter 410 of these Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   Permanent Modification Procedures.  When permanent modification of the truck route system is deemed necessary, the Traffic Engineer may issue a temporary traffic control order on his or her authority.  In addition to filing such order with the City Clerk, notice of the proposed change shall be contemporaneously given to the Planning Commission and BCATS.  The Commission and BCATS shall have the following sixty days to comment on the proposed change.  At the close of such sixty-day period, a public hearing shall be scheduled by the City Commission to receive these comments and any comments by the public.  After receiving all comments, the City Commission shall approve or deny the proposed change in the system.  If approved, such change shall be recorded upon the Truck Route Map.
   (c)   Temporary Modification Procedures.  When the Traffic Engineer deems a temporary modification in the truck route system is necessary, a temporary traffic control order may be issued on his or her authority.  Such order shall cease to be effective ninety days after its filing, but may be extended once for up to ninety additional days upon approval by the City Commission.
(Ord. 31-82.  Passed 12-21-82; Ord. 07-03. Passed 9-16-03.)