(a)   Authority.  Except as provided by subsection (b) of this section, the City Commission shall award all contracts after receiving the recommendation of the City Manager.
   (b)   Exceptions.  The City Manager is authorized to enter:
      (1)   All non-sole source contracts that do not exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000);
      (2)   All contracts for routine and operational matters provided that the contract results from a sealed bid if more than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), is within budget, is for a good or service purchased regularly and repetitively, and if the contract adheres to current purchasing policies; and
      (3)   All sole-source contracts not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000).
   (c)   Lowest Responsive Responsible Bidder.  Contracts, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, shall be awarded to the lowest responsive responsible bidder. In determining the lowest responsive responsible bidder, the City Manager shall consider, in addition to price:
      (1)   The ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the service required;
      (2)   Whether the bidder can perform the contract or provide the service promptly or within the time specified, without delay or interference;
      (3)   The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the bidder;
      (4)   The quality of performance of previous contracts or services;
      (5)   The previous and existing compliance by the bidder with laws and ordinances relating to any contract or service;
      (6)   The sufficiency of the financial resources and ability of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the service;
      (7)   The quality, availability and adaptability of the supplies or contractual services to the particular use required;
      (8)   The ability of the bidder to provide future maintenance and service for the use of the subject of the contract; and
      (9)   The number and scope of conditions attached to the bid.
   (d)   Award to Other than Low Bidder. When the award is not given to the lowest bidder, a full and complete statement of the reasons for placing the order elsewhere shall be prepared by the City Manager or the designee of the City Manager and filed with the other papers relating to the transaction.
   (e)   Tie Bids.  If two or more low bids are received for the same total amount or unit price, and the quality and service are equal, the contract shall be awarded to one of the tie bidders by drawing lots in public, unless one of the bidders is a taxpayer or resident of the City, in which case such taxpayer or resident shall be awarded the contract.
   (f)   Default.  The Purchasing Agent shall not accept the bid or proposal of a vendor or contractor who is in default to the City.
(1975 Code Sec. 1.156(2) to (4))  (Ord. 03-07.  Passed 4-17-07.)