Section 12.9.  Health
The City Commission shall be the Board of Health of the City and may appoint a Health Officer, organize and maintain a Health Department, have and exercise all powers and authority conferred upon boards of health by the general laws, and enact such ordinances as may be deemed necessary for the preservation and protection of the health of the inhabitants of the City. The City shall have power to establish, maintain, and regulate suitable hospitals within or without its corporate limits. The City Commission is hereby authorized to consider, negotiate, determine and agree upon the terms and conditions under which this City may join in the organization and maintenance of a County Health Department, or similar agency authorized by law. It may delegate to such Department or agency such powers, functions and duties relating to health as it may deem proper, contract therewith for extra services, and appropriate thereto money, services, or both. It may make applicable to the area of the City any rules or regulations promulgated by said Department or agency.