Section 12.5.  Other Express Powers
The City shall also have power:
   (A)   To use, control and regulate the streams, waters and watercourses within its boundaries.
   (B)   To acquire, establish, extend, operate, and maintain parks, boulevards, cemeteries, hospitals, almshouses, and all works which involve the public health and safety as provided by law.
   (C)   To provide by ordinance for the establishment of districts or zones within which the use of lands and structures, the height, the area, the size and location of the buildings, and the required open spaces for light and ventilation of such buildings, and the density of population may be regulated.
   (D)   To establish and maintain a Planning Commission having the powers and duties prescribed by law.
   (E)   Any powers expressed in this Charter shall not be deemed to be exclusive, and the City shall have all powers permitted by law, whether enumerated or not.