Section 8.3.  Board of Review
Five resident electors who are freeholders, appointed by the City Commission for five-year staggered terms, shall constitute the Board of Review of the City. One shall be appointed each year to a term commencing the following January 1. The present members thereof shall continue their present terms. One of the Board members to be chosen annually by a majority of the Board shall act as Chair. The City Assessor shall act as Secretary to the Board but shall not be entitled to vote, and shall be responsible for keeping a record of all proceedings, which shall be preserved for five (5) years. Three members shall constitute a quorum. Their compensation shall be fixed by the City Commission. The Board shall meet at the City Hall on the second Monday in March each year and continue in session at least five (5) days and until its work is completed as required by law.
(April 6, 1970; March 10, 2020)