Section 6.6.  Salaries.
   (A)   The Municipal Judge and each Associate Municipal Judge shall each be paid such salary as shall be fixed by the City Commission by resolution adopted at least sixty (60) days prior to the general Municipal election at which a Municipal Judge or an Associate Municipal Judge is to be elected. In the event the City Commission fails to adopt such a resolution within the time herein limited, the salary being paid to the then incumbent Municipal Judge or Associate Municipal Judge, as the case may be, shall be paid to the Municipal Judge or each Associate Municipal Judge, as the case may be, who is elected at such general Municipal election. The salaries of existing Judges shall be continued to the end of existing terms.
   (B)   The salary of the Municipal Judge and the salary of each Associate Municipal Judge shall not be increased or decreased during the term for which any such Judge is elected, or, in the case of vacancy, appointed.
   (C)   The compensation for such Judges shall be in lieu of all fees, costs and charges to which said Judges shall otherwise be entitled, except fees for the performance of marriage ceremonies and for administering oaths in matters not connected with suits or proceedings in the Municipal Court of the City of Battle Creek.
   (D)   Except as herein otherwise provided, the Municipal Judge shall be required to devote their entire time to the duties of the office. The Associate Municipal Judge shall hear all cases in which the Municipal Judge is disqualified, and shall hold court in the absence or disability of the Municipal Judge.
(Amended March 10, 2020)
(EDITOR’S NOTE: Public Act 269 of 1933, which established Municipal Courts and Municipal Judges, expired and was repealed by Public Act 217 of 1990.)