Section 5.7  Retirement System
The City Commission may, by ordinance, provide for and maintain a retirement benefit system on an actuarial basis for the administrative officers and employees of the City, either by means of its own plan, or in an insurance company of recognized standing, or by means of any plan now or hereafter legally authorized with the State or Federal governments, or by any combination thereof, and may provide for contributions thereto by said officers, employees and the City; provided, that any new plan shall not be less beneficial to policemen and firemen than the one in effect for policemen and firemen on the day this Charter goes into effect; and provided further, that the benefits paid to any retired employees as of the day preceding the effective date of any such plan shall be continued and may or may not be assumed by any new retirement system.  The City Attorney and the judges and their staffs may be included in such system.  The "Policemen and Firemen’s Retirement Fund," Chapter XLVII of the previous Battle Creek Charter, shall be continued until any new plan, as above mentioned, is placed in effect.
(April 2, 1962)