Section 5.6  City Personnel
The City Manager shall be Personnel Director with authority to delegate the duties of said office.  All City employment shall be based upon fair and impartial principles with fitness, ability, training and experience the major considerations.  There shall be no discrimination on account of color, politics or religion.  No City official or employee may solicit political contributions from Municipal employees and they shall not engage in Municipal political activities on City property or on City time.  The Administrative Code shall be based on the best generally accepted provisions of personnel programs in business, industry and government, and shall include the following subjects:  classification of City employees pay scales, probationary period, order of layoffs, procedure for suspension or removal, employment procedures, hours of work, vacation, sick leave, and any other pertinent data relating to employees.  A Personnel Advisory Board may be appointed by the City Manager with the approval of the City Commission to make investigations and recommendations to the City Manager.  Decisions of the City Manager on these matters, however, shall be deemed final.