Section 4.3.  Ordinance Enactment.
   (A)   Form.  Each proposed ordinance shall be introduced in written or printed form.  The enacting clause on all ordinances passed by the City Commission shall be "The City of Battle Creek Ordains".  Each ordinance shall be identified by a number and a short title.
   (B)   Enactment and Effective Date.  Ordinances may be enacted by the affirmative vote of a majority of the membership of the City Commission. No ordinance shall be adopted at the same meeting at which it is introduced but may be adopted at any following regular meeting.  All  ordinances shall take effect ten (10) days from the date of their enactment.
   (C)   Emergency Ordinances.  Ordinances immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, morals, safety, or welfare maybe enacted on the date of their introduction and given immediate effect or earlier effect than ten (10) days after their enactment upon receiving five affirmative votes of the City Commission.
   (D)   Amendments.  Any ordinance previously offered may be modified or amended at any following regular meeting and the ordinance as so modified or amended may be forthwith adopted, providing that said modification or amendment does not substantially or materially change said ordinance as first introduced.  In the event any ordinance is substantially or materially modified or amended then said ordinance may not be adopted at the same meeting but may be adopted at any following regular meeting.  Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, any ordinance may be amended only by an ordinance passed in the manner provided in this section and no such ordinance shall be amended by reference to its title only, but the section or sub-section amended shall be enacted in full.
   (E)   Traffic and Parking Regulations.  In any ordinance regulating traffic, parking and one-way streets it may be provided that subject to adequate standards to be set forth therein, the details of regulating parking, traffic control and one-way streets may be promulgated by the City Manager without formality of amendment in the manner above provided to the ordinance.
   (F)   Repeal of Ordinances.  An ordinance may be repealed only by an ordinance passed in the manner provided in this section except that the ordinance to be repealed may be referred to by its short title and number only.