Section 3.3.  Nominating Petitions.
Candidates for the offices of Mayor, At-Large City Commissioner and Ward City Commissioner shall be nominated by petition. Nominating petitions on official blanks, circulated not more than seventy-five (75) days prior to the election, signed by not less than one hundred (100) nor more than one hundred fifty (150) registered electors of the City for the office of Mayor or At-Large Commissioner, and not less than fifty (50) nor more than seventy-five (75) registered electors for the office of Ward Commissioner, shall be filed with the City Clerk not later than 12:00 noon on the fifth Thursday prior to the date of the City election. No elector shall sign petitions of more than the number of candidates for At-Large City Commissioner to be elected. No elector shall sign the petition of more than one Mayor candidate. No elector shall sign the petition of more than one Ward Commissioner, which petition must be for the ward where the signing elector resides.  Official blank petitions shall be prepared by the City Clerk and shall be furnished by the Clerk upon receipt of written consent of the candidate in whose behalf petitions are requested, if that candidate has the qualifications herein required.
(Amended April 1, 1985; March 10, 2020)
   (EDITOR’S NOTE: Section 3.3 was further amended by Ordinance 24-90, passed August 28, 1990, and subsequently amended by Ordinance 05-2015, passed June 16, 2015, which comprises Section 212.04 of these Codified Ordinances changing the dates regarding nominating petitions.)