Section 2.10  Compensation.
Each member of the City Commission shall be compensated at the rate of $20 per regular or special meeting attended, but not to exceed $1,200 per year. The Mayor shall receive the sum of $50 per month in addition to their compensation as Commissioner. (Amended March 10, 2020)
   (EDITOR'S NOTE:  On October 14, 1997, the Local Officers Compensation Commission of the City voted to increase compensation of City Commissioners to $75.00 per Commission meeting attended, and of the Mayor to $75.00 per Commission meeting attended plus $150.00 per month salary.  Provision was also made for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, including mileage expense of 31¢ per mile, to the Mayor and City Commissioners for expenses incurred in the course of City business and accounted for to the City.)