Section 2.9  Organization and Procedure
The City Commission shall meet at 7:30 p.m. on the Tuesday night following the canvass after each annual Municipal election at which time they shall be sworn and assume the duties of their office. They may establish rules of procedure and policy which shall be made public, they shall meet in public session at least twice each month at such times as may be prescribed by the rules, and a public journal of every session of their proceedings shall be kept by the Clerk in the English language. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor, Manager, or any three Commissioners on reasonable notice, the time and manner of which shall be defined in the Commission rules. Beginning with the organization meeting following the regular City election held in November 2020, the City Commission shall select from its members a Vice-Mayor, who shall act in the Mayor's absence or disability, and whose term shall expire at the next organization meeting of the Commission. The Mayor shall preside, be recognized as executive head of the City for ceremonial purposes, and have a voice and a vote in the proceedings. A majority of the members elect shall constitute a quorum, but a majority of the members elect shall be required to adopt an ordinance, and the vote thereon shall be recorded. 
(Amended November 2, 1993; March 10, 2020)
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Section 2.9 was further amended by Resolution 125, passed May 16, 2017, which provides that City elections shall take place in even-years during the General Election in November.)