Section 2.6.  Vacancies.
A vacancy occurring in the City Commission shall be filled within 30 days by a majority vote of the remaining Commissioners, the appointee to hold office until Tuesday following the next regular City election; provided, that no appointment shall be made within 60 days prior to any regular City election; and provided further that, if a vacancy occurs more than 60 days next preceding a regular City election in the office of a Commissioner whose term is not then expiring, a successor shall be elected at such election for the remainder of the unexpired term, but such vacancies occurring after such date shall be filled by Commission appointment. A vacancy shall be deemed to occur upon death, resignation, recall, conviction for a felony or for a violation of the next following section hereof, upon a finding of mental incompetence by a court having jurisdiction thereof, or failure to qualify within 7 days after notice of election has been either handed to them, or sent to them by registered or certified mail.
(Amended March 10, 2020)