Section 2.4.  Election and Terms
On the first Monday of April in each year, there shall be an election of City Commissioners as may be necessary to fill vacancies as hereinafter mentioned. Beginning with the regular City election held in November 2020, there shall be elected a Mayor, three City Commissioners elected at-large and five City Commissioners elected from wards. The Mayor shall be elected for a term of two (2) years as a separate office. For At-Large Commissioners there shall be one general list for At-Large office candidates and each elector may vote for three candidates. The persons receiving the three highest number of votes shall be deemed elected as At-Large Commissioners, each for a two-year term of office. For Ward Commissioners there shall be a Ward list and each elector may vote for one candidate from the elector’s ward. Five Ward Commissioners, one from each ward, shall be elected to office for a term of two (2) years. No person shall be a candidate for the offices of Mayor and City Commissioner on the same ballot. No member of the City Commission shall, during their term of office, hold any other office or employment with the City unless otherwise provided in this Charter.
(Amended August 7, 1984; March 10, 2020)
   (EDITOR'S NOTE: Section 2.4 was further amended by Ordinance 24-90, passed August 28, 1990, which comprises Section 212.04 of these Codified Ordinances. Section 2.4 was further amended by Resolution 125, passed May 16, 2017, which provides that City elections shall take place in even- years during the November General Election.)