A.   Determination And Criteria: Determination for removal of a tree will be made by the public works department according to the following criteria. A tree must meet one or more of these criteria to be considered for removal: (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008)
      1.   A tree that is infected with an epidemic disease or insect where control is not possible. Removal is the recommended practice to prevent transmission. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008; amd. Ord. 13-22, 6-3-2013)
      2.   A tree that poses an extreme public nuisance due to its species, size, location or condition. Conditions that could be a public nuisance range from the harboring of insects to excessive twig or limb breakage.
      3.   A tree that poses a severe safety hazard that cannot be corrected by pruning, transplanting, or other treatments.
      4.   A tree that interferes with the growth of a more desirable tree(s).
      5.   A tree that has a negative aesthetic value.
      6.   Work improvements or installations will kill or render a tree a public hazard.
      7.   Preservation of a tree is not cost effective.
      8.   A tree which is a recurring problem due to root interference with water mains, sewer mains, water service lines, and sewer service lines.
   B.   Standards: All work performed in the removal of a tree shall be in accordance with the National Arborist Association and ANSI Z133.1 standards.
   C.   Stumps: All stumps on city property shall be removed to a depth of at least eight inches (8") and all holes remaining shall be filled in with soil and planted with sod or seed.
   D.   Disease Prevention: Certain precautions must be taken when removing a diseased tree to ensure the disease is not continuing to be transmitted after the tree is taken down. These precautions, if any, shall be determined by the public works department. After working on a diseased tree, all saws and other cutting equipment must be disinfected before working on another tree.
   E.   Debris Removal: Upon the completion of work performed on city trees, all branches, twigs, leaves, chips and larger portions of the tree shall be promptly removed and properly disposed of by those performing the work. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008)