General License Regulations   1
Municipal Occupation Taxes   2
Liquor Control   3
Amusements   4
Coin Operated Amusement Devices   4A
Merchants Dealing In Products   5
Cigarettes And Tobacco (Rep. by Ord. 01-22, 10-1-2001)   5A
Junk And Salvage Dealers   5B
Pawnbrokers   5C
Single Use Bags   5D
Merchants Providing Services   6
House Movers   6A
Auctioneers   6B
Tree Services   6C
Peddlers, Solicitors And Food Vendors   7
Peddlers   7A
Residential Soliciting   7B
Food Vendors   7C
Taxicabs (Rep. by Ord. 12-30, 11-5-2012)   8
Mobile Home Parks   9
Municipal Utility Tax   10
Bed And Breakfast Establishments   11
Bodywork Establishments   12
Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (Rep. by Ord. 01-64, 12-3-2001, eff. 1-1-2002)   13
Taxpayers' Rights And Responsibilities   14
Municipal Telecommunications Tax (Rep. by Ord. 02-45, 9-3-2002)   15
Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax   16
Sexually Oriented Businesses   17
Cable/Video Service Provider And PEG Access Provision And Support Fees   18
Raffles   19
Zoning And Subdivision Application Fees   20
Portable Sidewalk Signs   21
Municipal Gas Use Tax   22
Municipal Retail Motor Fuel Tax   23
Hotel Tax   24
Municipal Tax On Sale Of Alcoholic Liquor   25
Video Gaming Devices   26
Multiple Family Rental Buildings   27
Truck And Semi-Trailer Storage Lot License   28