A.   The arboricultural specifications contained in this article are to serve as a standard for all work performed on or with all public trees. These standards will apply whether the work is performed "in house", contractually by private businesses, or by private individuals. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008)
   B.   A tree permit must be obtained from the public works department before any person, either for himself or another, plants, major prunes, removes, or destroys any tree, shrub or other plant in or upon the public right of way of any street, alley, sidewalk or any other public place. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008; amd. Ord. 13-22, 6-3-2013)
   C.   It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of planting, cutting, trimming, pruning, removing, spraying or otherwise treating any tree, shrub or other plant within the city without first procuring a license as required by title 3, chapter 6, article C of this code. All motor vehicles and other major equipment of any licensed business shall be clearly identified with the name of the licensee.
   D.   Authorized work on or with public trees, shrubs or other plants neither expresses nor implies a right to violate any law of the land while in process of performing such work.
   E.   All such work shall be conducted in a manner as to cause the least possible interference with or annoyance to others.
   F.   All personnel utilized for work on or with trees, shrubs or other plants shall be trained to perform the work properly and safely in accordance with this article.
   G.   A qualified supervisor shall be present at all times when work is being performed except that he may be absent for short periods when necessary because of emergencies or other urgent matters.
   H.   Any injury to persons or damages to any improvement, vehicle, tree, shrub, plant, or structure while working with trees, shrubs, or other plants shall be promptly reported to the Public Works Department.
   I.   Any use of tools and equipment for pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining, and removing trees, and cutting brush must be in accordance with the American National Standards Institute standards (ANSI Z133.1).
   J.   Pedestrian and vehicular traffic shall be allowed to pass through the work areas only under conditions of safety and with as little inconvenience and delay as possible. Whenever vehicular traffic will be delayed, the Public Works Department shall be notified.
   K.   Qualified street and sidewalk warning devices shall be in position as required at all times while work on public trees, shrubs, and other plants is being performed. In addition, adequate barricades and other warning devices shall be placed and flagmen shall be stationed as necessary for the safety of persons and vehicles.
   L.   Whenever electric lines, telephone lines, gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, or other improvements, public or private, upon a public area will be implicated or jeopardized by any authorized tree, shrub or other plant activity, the proper authorities of the utilities involved and property owner involved shall be consulted prior to performing any work activity and all requested precautions by any such authority shall be followed.
   M.   The Arboricultural Specifications Manual, the standard for work performed on, or with trees, shrubs and other plants on a daily basis, shall be updated by the Public Works Department with the advice and assistance of the Tree Commission at least every five (5) years. (Ord. 08-11, 8-4-2008)