A.   Location Restrictions: Except for class C, D, E-1, E-2, and K licenses, no license shall be issued for the sale at retail of any alcoholic liquor within one hundred feet (100') of any church, school (other than an institution of higher learning), hospital, home for aged or indigent persons or for veterans, their spouses or children or any military or naval station; provided, that class D or E licensees within such proximity shall serve alcoholic liquor only from a service bar and shall not display any signage visible from the public street describing or advertising alcoholic liquor; nor shall a renewal license be issued for the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor on premises within one hundred feet (100') of any church or school where such church or school has been established within such one hundred feet (100') since the issuance of the original license, except as provided herein, and excepting any premises for which the original liquor license was granted before April 1, 2013. In the case of a church, the distance of one hundred feet (100') shall be measured to the nearest part of any building used for worship services or education programs and not to property boundaries. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the issuance of a license to a church or private school to sell at retail alcoholic liquor if any such sales are limited to periods when groups are assembled on the premises solely for the promotion of some common object other than the sale or consumption of alcoholic liquors pursuant to a valid class F special event (not for profit) license.
   B.   View From Street:
      1.   In a licensed premises (other than a restaurant, club or bowling alley, except where the restaurant, club or bowling alley has windows through which the part of the premises maintained for the sale of alcoholic liquors can be viewed from the street), no screen, blind, curtain, partition, article or thing shall be permitted in the windows or upon the doors of such licensed premises or inside such premises that prevents a clear view into the interior of the licensed premises from the street, road or sidewalk at all times; no booth, screen, partition or other obstruction nor any arrangement of lights or lighting shall be permitted in or about the interior of the premises that prevents a full view of the entire interior of the premises from the street, road, or sidewalk, and the premises must be so located that there is a full view of the entire interior of the premises from the street, road or sidewalk.
      2.   All rooms where liquor is sold for consumption upon the premises shall be continuously lighted during business hours by natural light or artificial white light so that all parts of the interior of the premises are clearly visible.
      3.   If the view into any licensed premises required by the foregoing provisions is intentionally and knowingly obscured by the licensee or intentionally or knowingly allowed or suffered to be obscured, then licensee shall be subject to fine, suspension and/or revocation in the manner herein provided. In order to enforce the provisions of this subsection, the local liquor control commissioner shall have the right to require the filing with him of plans, drawings and photographs showing the clearance of the view as above required.
   C.   Requirement For Closed, Solid Doors And Windows: All doorways to premises that are licensed under this chapter shall contain at least one door that is solid and contain no openings, louvers, screened portions, or other openings that may allow noise to pass through, and such door shall remain closed during all hours of business except as necessary for ingress and egress into said premises. Any windows of licensed premises that open into a room in which alcoholic liquor is sold or consumed shall remain closed at all times, except as specifically allowed in this chapter. For purposes of this provision, all screened in porches shall require an outdoor adjunct license in compliance with conditions imposed thereon pursuant to section 3-3-16 of this chapter.
   D.   Retail Stores Selling Packaged Alcoholic Liquor And Other Goods:
      1.   Except as allowed below, in retail stores in which alcoholic liquor is sold in packages, and not for consumption on the premises, with other goods, the display of alcoholic liquor shall be completely separated and segregated from the sale of other goods, if practicable, either by a partition or other means that must be approved by the local liquor commissioner; the checkout counter(s) and cash register(s) for alcoholic liquor shall be separated and segregated from the checkout counter(s) and cash register(s) for other goods; and a sign shall be prominently displayed in the display area for alcoholic liquor stating:
      2.   Exceptions to the separation requirement provided in subsection D1 of this section may be approved on a case by case basis by the local liquor commissioner, with or without conditions, when strict compliance is not practicable.
   E.   Retail Stores Selling To/For Minors; License Prohibited: No license for the sale of alcoholic liquor shall be issued to a retail store or other place of business in which the majority of the customers are minors or in which the predominant or a significant portion of the goods offered for sale are products for minors, including, but not limited to, schoolbooks, school supplies, food or drinks for minors and other goods sold to minors. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013; amd. Ord. 19-48, 7-15-2019)