In the event the licensee ceases to do business at the licensed premises, whether voluntarily or involuntarily (including revocation of licensee's local liquor license), other than temporarily for a period of not to exceed six (6) continuous months, for purposes of remodeling, or for purposes other than remodeling but with the prior written approval of the local liquor control commissioner, the local liquor license shall be deemed forfeited, and the number of authorized local liquor licenses in the particular class shall automatically be reduced by one as of the date the licensee ceases to do business. If any licensee desires to close the business or place of business for more than six (6) continuous months, said licensee shall so notify the local liquor control commissioner in writing, including the reasons therefor, and may request an extension, and the local liquor control commissioner may grant such an extension for good cause. The local liquor control commissioner shall notify in writing the city clerk and city council of any cessation of business by a licensee in excess of six (6) months. (Ord. 13-16, 4-1-2013)