No person shall cause or allow open burning inconsistent with the following provisions:
   (A)   Open burning shall not be utilized for refuse disposal purposes.
   (B)   Open burning which creates or adds to a hazardous or objectionable situation is prohibited and a member of the Police Department shall order any such burn extinguished by the property owner, attending adult or the fire department.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful to cause or permit open burning in a manner which clouds of sparks, embers or similar airborne enflamed particulates leave the property on which the burn has been started or to endanger persons or property.
   (D)   Open burning shall be prohibited when the wind is in excess of twelve (12) miles per hour based on the wind speed reported for the area by the Weather Channel. (Ord. 20-12, 7-21-2020; amd. Ord. 20-14, 8-24-2020)