Unless conditions indicate otherwise, only one driveway will be permitted for each residential, commercial, or institutional property. Pursuant to the design criteria of this chapter, commercial property may be allowed a maximum of two (2) driveways. A minimum distance of four hundred forty feet (440'), and preferably six hundred sixty feet (660'), shall be required between the centerlines of commercial entrances and similar developments that generate high traffic volumes. However, service driveways into these centers, which are not used by the general public, may be closer than four hundred forty feet (440') as long as they do not encroach on turning lanes. The minimum distance of four hundred forty feet (440') is also desirable between major commercial entrances and the nearest public roadway. For residential driveways requiring a permit, the minimum distance between the driveways and the nearest public roadway should be fifty feet (50').
If two (2) or more property owners have a legal agreement describing their joint right to property access, they may be allowed access from the same location as long as all other provisions of this title are followed. (Ord. 96-4, 4-22-1996)