The following minimum design standards shall be required:
   (A)   Width Of Drive: All permitted residential, noncommercial or noninstitutional driveways should have a width between ten feet (10') and twenty feet (20') with appropriate flares at the curb or pavement edge.
   (B)   Flare Radii: The recommended radii for residential driveways is five feet (5') at minimum and fifteen feet (15') maximum.
   (C)   Angle Of Driveway: The driveway centerline should generally be at a right angle (90°) to the pavement edge and follow this angle from the roadway to the right of way line, or to a minimum distance of forty feet (40') from the edge of the pavement. (Ord. 96-4, 4-22-1996)
   (D)   Drainage: Each driveway approach shall be installed to such a slope or height and such slope or height shall be thereafter maintained, so as not to interfere with the drainage from the crown of the public road or the shoulder of the roadbed toward the nearest downstream ditch or storm drain opening, as may be necessary to accommodate the flow of surface water now existing along such road at its present grade. Each driveway so designed shall include the prevention of any erosion(s) or transfer of sediment or material from the owner's property onto the village roadway(s). (Ord. 04-16, 12-20-2004)