Driveways accessing major arterials require more stringent requirements than those accessing collector or local roads. Standards for all driveways, however, should minimize potential accidents and conflicts between through vehicles and those entering and leaving the driveway. The objectives to be achieved through the use of proper driveway spacing criteria include, but are not limited to:
   (A)   Minimize the speed differential between through vehicles and those using the driveway.
   (B)   Eliminate encroachment of turning vehicles on adjacent lanes.
   (C)   Prohibit motorists from using driveways as a cut through to avoid roadway construction.
   (D)   Provide sufficient space between driveways to reduce interference from traffic using adjacent driveways.
   (E)   Discourage motorists from parking on roads or backing out onto the highway or road.
   (F)   Preserve the original intent of the roadway, pedestrian walkway and drainage facilities.
   (G)   Provide adequate sight distance of oncoming traffic for motorists exiting the driveway. (Ord. 96-4, 4-22-1996)