(A)   If the Police Chief or Hearing Officer awards PSEBA benefits, the Village's basic level insurance plan, as designated by the Village in the event the Village offers more than one insurance plan will be the plan offered. The Village's basic level insurance plan may change from time to time. If the applicant chooses to enroll in a plan available in the Village other than the designated basic level insurance plan, then the applicant must pay any difference in insurance premiums between the Village's basic plan and that of another plan on a monthly basis, due by the 15th of each month in which coverage is effective. Failure to pay said premiums by the 15th of the month in which coverage is effective, may result in cancellation of the health insurance plan.
   (B)   Individuals receiving benefits under PSEBA will only be able to change from one plan to another during the Village's open enrollment period. (Ord. 17-3, 2-23-2017)