8-1-4-1: PURPOSE:
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to provide a fair and efficient method of determining the eligibility of a full-time Village of Barrington Hills police officer to the benefits enumerated under the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act ("PSEBA") through an administrative process, including if necessary, an administrative hearing. All benefits provided employees pursuant to PSEBA must be consistent with the PSEBA.
   (B)   The administrative procedure established herein is intended to determine eligibility to receive certain health insurance benefits from the Village. This administrative procedure is not a contract that bestows a benefit or entitlement on any particular individual, and may be modified by the Village at any time without notice.
   (C)   Any full-time police officer, who after November 14, 1997, suffers a catastrophic injury in the line of duty, may apply for health insurance benefits under the Act as set forth below. The same benefits may be extended to the spouse and eligible dependent children of the catastrophically injured public safety employee or police officer killed in the line of duty, provided the conditions as established by the Act are met. (Ord. 17-3, 2-23-2017)